Worship: It’s All about the Relationship

What is the essence of worship? Prayer?  Vocal solo? Offering? Preaching? Is worship spoiled when the music is off-key or the preacher stumbles in his sermon? What is the difference between worship and entertainment?

What is the function of worship? What is it supposed to do to us?

It seems to me that worship is not dependent on an interesting preacher or talented musicians. Rather, it’s all about building the relationship with God.

The purpose of worship is to renew the relationship between me, a sinner, and a gracious, loving God. I believe God requests our worship, not because he is an egomaniac, but because worship builds the relationship of trust, love and dependence. We get to know Him better for who he really is.

It’s all about knowing who I am and Who God is. I need to be aware of His presence – to know I am not alone, to trust Him more. It’s being reminded of my great need, surrendering myself to Him again, and in various ways expressing my love and appreciation to Him.

The danger is that I can sing the songs, listen to the prayer (or even be the one praying for the congregation), follow the text as the pastor explains it – the danger is that I can do all these things and still not experience a renewed relationship with God. Worship is what happens inside me – and us, as we, as a group, encourage each other in this relationship with God.

Have you really worshiped lately? What do you think? I’d like to hear your ideas.

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